The second LED revolution

Lighting is everywhere people are, 14 billion lamps worldwide. LED lighting is changing this world in a revolutionary way by offering cost-effective, better and controllable lighting. But the second LED revolution is coming. LED products will not resemble incandescent lamps, instead of accessorizing spaces, they’ll be integrated within them. The addition of sensors, microcontrollers, Bluetooth, Li-Fi will create connected lighting systems which are able to understand who’s within a space, what they’re doing and which will facilitate fast internet connections. Human Centric Lighting, artificial skies and contextually aware spaces will possibly become new standards. Designers will be able to explore new horizons through the miniaturization of light sources. Smart Lighting & Design – LED Expo offers a clear overview of the extreme dynamic lighting market. Almost 5.000 professionals visited the exhibition in 2017, be part of the revolution and book a stand at Smart Lighting & Design – LED Expo.



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Brabanthallen ’s Hertogenbosch is easy to reach by car: departing from one of the following cities, it will take approximately one hour. Apeldoorn; Amsterdam; The Hague (Den Haag); Bergen op Zoom; Venlo; Roermond; Rotterdam; or Antwerpen.

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Brabanthallen 's Hertogenbosch lies on walking distance from 's Hertogenbosch Central Station (also referred to as "Den Bosch Central Station").

You can also choose to travel by train taxi ("NS Zone Taxi"). These can be booked from every Central Station in the Netherlands. If you would like to use a regular taxi instead, you can book a taxi by calling one of the following phone numbers (see below):

29 NOVEMBER 2017


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Smart Lighting

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